Keep Track of Your Money.

Paying with plastic makes it easy to lose control. Budgista helps you change that, for good.

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Keep a Budget

Plan your months by splitting your income into multiple budgets. Leftover money is carried to the next month. After some time, those amounts will become a healthy savings pot.

All Accounts in one Place

Enter all your transactions in one place. Track your cash spending and note account movements that are not yet visible on the bank statement.

Never Forget Recurring Expenses

You’ll know exactly when your bills are coming up, allocate money for them in advance, and pay them comfortably.

At-A-Glance Reports

Gain clarity on your spending habits through helpful statistics. You’ll immediately see where you are overspending and can dial it back before it gets you into trouble.

Access Your Budget Everywhere

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Gain Control of your Money.

Track your expenses and create a budget.